Our Company

Clear River Capital is a real estate investment and asset management company headquartered in New York--the financial capital of the world. We specialize in real estate finance, infrastructure and other related areas. We are dedicated to portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, with a focus on luxury apartments, hotels and other high-return commercial real estate development, acquisitions, management, infrastructure and public utilities projects.

Our partnering founders are well educated and professionally trained. They have many years of practical experience and excellent track records, with access to social network and financial resources in China, and good relationship with the Chinese government. Our company has strategic partnership with Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the People's Republic of China, and is exploring public and private partnerships in infrastructure, public services, and international real estate investment and development. We also have strategic partnership with China's major financial institutions, particularly funds and trusts, as well as China's top real estate developers.

We also cooperate with China's immigration agency that can raise EB-5 funds in a short period of time. Notable recent projects include the 250,000-square-foot mixed-use development project in Hudson Yards, developed by Related Companies; and the 82-floor Four Seasons Hotel and condominium project at World Trade Center, developed by Silverstein Properties.

Tsinghua Alumni Association in Real Estate of Greater New York (THAAGNY-RE) is our strategic platform, which successfully organized a real estate development summit in March 17, 2014. More than 150 guests have formed a broad partnership with our company. They are from Chinese and American real estate development and investment institutions; legal, accounting and financial associations. Among them are industry leaders in the U.S., including Jack Rosen--Chairman of American Jewish Federation and CEO of Rosen Partners; Brian Fisher--president of real estate development company Fisher, Jonathan Kushner—President of Kushner real estate development companies, and John Udell-- President of Weichert Commercial Real Estate.

We create a world-class financing and networking platform in face of the ever-changing global marketplace, catering to asset diversification needs of China’s wealthy class. We provide services including real estate equity investments, debt investments, contractual funds, investment advisory, asset management services, particularly those of commercial real estate.

Our investment philosophy is to find value and create value. Clear River deeply understands the increasing desire for U.S. real estate of Chinese institutional investors and the high-net-worth individual investors. With the further opening of China's capital market, these people eye on global asset allocation and investment diversification for risk control and high return purposes. Recent real estate bubble and the overall declining trend in China’s real estate add up to such desire, as risks became prominent and risk-benefit ratio reversed. Conversely, the United States has such a sound legal system to protect property rights, a stable social environment and agreeable entrepreneurial atmosphere that we believe it is the right time to invest in its real estate. Our team has many years of real estate investment and financial operation experiences in the United States. Deeply grounded in the American culture and investment models, we have the ability to arrange acquisitions and management at different levels.

Our mission is to pursue excellence, to create value for our investors and customers. We aim to accumulate wealth of our investors. Our constant commitment and responsibility is to control risk while sustainably increase value.